Emerson Library

Our library is a source for developing creativity, imagination and a love of reading for our students.  We have one simple word for all to remember-RESPECT-this is expected at all times.

Book check out is available through our Destiny Library System.

Library Expectations

1.Treat the Books in the Library respectfully

2. Our time is limited, so students need to follow directions right away and use the time that we have to get as much done as they can

3. Students need to use shelf markers when browsing for books

4. The Library is a place for students to think, read, and study

5. Library Books are to be return on time

6. Students must pay for lost library books

7. Students should clean up after themselves before leaving the library, pushing in chairs

8. Library should be at a level 0 or 1

9. Please look after the books you take out, treat them with respect and care, and have them back on time so others can get to read them too