Emerson Parent Advisory Committee 

Parent Advocacy is a passion for Emerson School. Research shows that meaningful parent involvement can increase academic achievement which is a major Emerson goal. It also results in improved student achievement, and as well can help create better schools overall.

Our Emerson Parent Advisory Committee is a place for our parents to get involved and share your talents, have some fun and make an impact on our school and the success of our students.

The purpose of the PTO is to strengthen the relationship between home and school, so that parents and teachers may cooperate for the success in the education of children at our school. Our group helps the students and staff of our school.

We would love to have you participate and welcome any feedback you might have for us.   The committee holds a meeting once a month with Mr. Smith and supports the various family events we have throughout the year.

For more information on how to get involved contact

Mr. Tyrone Smith     708-450-2002 or email @ [email protected]

Parent Advisory Representatives to the Board of Education 

Emerson’s Parent Advisory Council will have one representative who serves on the Districts Parent Advisory Committee.  Through the District 89 Parent Advisory Committee the Advisory Council will serve as an advisory group to the School Board by acting as liaison between the School Board and the school they represent on policy and initiatives. The Council consists of representatives nominated by school principals, one (1) main delegate and one (1) alternate delegate from each school.

The Parent Advisory Council will function in an advisory capacity giving feedback on Board Agenda action items gathered from parent groups of the school they represent through written reports to the Board at School Board Meetings. This allows the School Board to receive vital input regularly from parents on policy and other important matters of concern. The information exchange of each school giving feedback through their parent advisory delegate to the school Board, and receiving information in return is an additional vehicle of communication welcomed in District 89. Council members may also choose to share information on current School District issues with residents in their neighborhood, at Village Board meetings, Church functions and other neighborhood group meetings.

Upon appointment, Parent Advisory Council members will take an Oath to serve, receive leadership training, receive a calendar of Board meetings to attend between the months of November and May; and at the conclusion of their term will be recognized as they conclude service and pass on the baton to the new parent appointment.

Parent Advisory Council Leadership Training

Leadership Training is recommended at least quarterly during Parent Advisory Committee meetings. Each advisory council member is encouraged to give recommendations on topics for training. Parents will have the opportunity to communicate with each other during the Leadership Training sessions and may determine the need to schedule additional meeting dates if there is consensus with members of the Parent Council.

School Board Committees

The members of the Council may be assigned to sit on School Board standing and special committees. Committees include but are not limited to: Education Committee, Policy Committee, Finance Committee and other committees as designated by the School Board.