Greetings Emerson Elementary School community,

On behalf of the entire Emerson staff, I want to share that we are inspired and honored to take part in educating your children.  We endeavor to assist them in developing academically and socially wherein they become highly engaged independent learners who are strong thinkers and effective decision makers.

Daily we engage our students in English-Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and the tenants of P. B. I. S. (Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies).  These studies are foundational and support our students in gaining new knowledge while building upon their prior knowledge.  We also have programs in place to support our students when they encounter struggle and when they excel: EL morning program, RTI, Lexia, Wonders On-line, the Title 1 After-School program, and IMSA.

The year is off to a phenomenal start.  Your support has been welcomed and we look forward to partnering with you even more through school-wide events in K-5, special programs in Pre-K, or as a volunteer.  As we tell our students, “Eagles SOAR”.  They SOAR toward success!


Tyrone L. Smith